A Look at How the Google Antitrust Trial Could Impact the Internet

The Google antitrust trial is arguably the most important case of its kind in decades, and the outcome can have serious implications for how we interact with the internet. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has made allegations against Google for abusing its power within the search and advertising markets to stamp out competition. These … Read more

A Guide to Google Bard

Google released Google Bard in what many consider to be the tech giant’s reply to the success of ChatGPT. Google Bard is designed to do much of what ChatGPT is capable of. Still, we can expect it will have different and additional capabilities because Google has developed AI before for use in its voice assistant … Read more

A Guide to Google’s Safety Measures for Online Shoppers

Google has always said that the safety of its users is paramount. With an increase in online shopping activity and the number of ecommerce platforms, Google wants to ensure that all websites shown when users search for a product are legitimate. They also want to ensure that customers receive exactly what they ask for and … Read more

A Guide to Google FLEDGE Features

When Google announced that it would start phasing out third-party cookies from the Chrome browser, digital markets had to begin thinking about potential solutions. Without third-party tracking cookies, targeted advertising would become more challenging. Marketers had to find a balance between behavior and interest tracking across the internet and ensuring customer privacy. Google has said … Read more

Can AI Create Content That Meets Google’s E-A-T Guidelines?

You are undoubtedly here because you want to know what Google actually ‘thinks’ about AI generated content. You want to know if AI meets with Google’s E-A-T guidelines which, to any content creator, are the rules we live by – some of them, anyway. There are, in fact, so many guidelines Google has established over … Read more