The Importance of Fact Checking When Writing SEO Content

Being a fabulously talented SEO content writer doesn’t always mean that what you have to say is in any way accurate. For so many years, content writers have been led to believe that the two key ingredients of well-written content are the strategic use of search engine optimized keywords and an engaging flow to their … Read more

A Guide to Using Reverse Image Searches for SEO

Images are essential for SEO and specifically content marketing. To ensure readability, SEOs use images to break up content and add additional contextual details to their posts and pages. SEOs also use images to help people find their content when they search for a similar image to one they already have. Image-based search engines contribute … Read more

4 Common International SEO Mistakes

Today’s businesses have easy access to a worldwide marketplace via the internet, but reaching a global audience requires a comprehensive marketing strategy. It’s easy to assume that a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy will elevate your brand across all markets, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, if you want to target different regions, … Read more

An Effective Guide to Broken Link Building

As one of the current link-building methods, broken link building is still effective and works extremely well. This is because it comes across as helping another website owner, rather than expecting to receive a backlink for free. Also, because it’s not purchasing a paid backlink, it’s more legitimate than some other methods too. Here is … Read more

Keyword Research Basics

Performing keyword research is important to any business. This process helps you to determine what keywords are popular, what people are searching for, and which products they are most likely to purchase. However, before you can perform keyword research, you need to understand how to perform it correctly. Google Trends Google Trends is a free … Read more