Google Makes Changes to Mobile Searches

At Google’s 2022 Search On the company made some announcements about significant changes to how searches are performed on mobile platforms. In the next few months, Google will be upgrading the mobile search bar to give its users more relevant search results and adding more actions they can perform outside of a standard search query. … Read more

6 Key Strategies for Marketing an Amazon Store

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world, which means businesses cannot afford to ignore it. Businesses of all sizes can use the platform to reach millions of shoppers across the world. Even with the ability to reach millions of shoppers, businesses that want success on the platform need a marketing strategy. A successful … Read more

The Importance of Entrepreneurship Coaching

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging career that demands strong financial management skills, marketing strategies and sales techniques, along with an effective business plan and structured strategic thinking processes. Coaching can assist entrepreneurs in honing the necessary skills. Furthermore, coaching allows for improved work-life balance that leads to increased productivity and creativity – as well as … Read more

A Guide to Bing’s Ethical Shopping Hub

Microsoft’s Bing has made a big leap into sustainable shopping by creating its Ethical Shopping Hub. This new online retail search engine gives its users the opportunity to search exclusively for ethically produced, ecologically friendly products. Though aimed predominantly at fashion shoppers, the ethical shopping hub has the potential to bring new customers to many … Read more