Is a Twitter Blue Tick Worth Having?

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Twitter is one of the most well-known social media platforms in the world. It has nearly 400 million global users, and that is why businesses have taken the initiative and jumped onto the tweeting bandwagon. Yet, there is an ever-present question of whether or not the premium services are worth the money. What is the elusive blue tick, and is it even worth having? This guide aims to investigate further.

What Is the Deal with Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is the official name given for the blue tick symbol status. Anyone who pays for it gets a tick next to their official handle and it opens up doors in terms of exposure, gain, and reach. This blue checkmark serves as verification that the profile is the official affiliate profile of either a company or a celebrity, but it is open to other users if they meet the criteria too. There are many features that come with the Twitter Blue service like exclusive subscriber features and a handful of customizations as well. For instance, it makes it possible to do any of the following:

  • 60-minute videos
  • Conversation priority ranking
  • Tweet editing
  • Reader mode

To see whether these features are worth the effort, let’s take a look at some in more detail.

Reader Mode

First up is reader mode. When this is activated, users with the blue tick are able to access content and feeds without the advertisements, general debris, and any other attention-grabbing pulls that deter from the main focus. Reader mode is quite charming and allows you to focus long text into one on-screen visual instead of having to scroll, etc.

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Priority Ranking

Priority ranking is fairly straightforward. It ensures that your replies in conversations across the platform are flown to the top of the feed so that they get the maximum exposure possible. This means that there is a bigger scope for genuine, broad engagement from the millions of users in the ‘Twittersphere’ and that is a great perk for anyone, including businesses. For instance, an official blue tick comment will remain at the top of a thread for as long as you deem necessary. Therefore, more people will see it, retweet it and reply, thus making the conversation a whole lot bigger.

How Much Does It Cost?

Twitter Blue is not a high-priced subscription in comparison to other services out there that achieve much the same thing. For web users, it is $8 per month, and a slightly higher $11 if purchased through an iOS system. For all the perks, it seems like a fair price.

What Are the Benefits?

It is useful to know the key features, but it is even more helpful to understand the benefits that they offer. Once you have all the facts, it is far easier to decide whether or not it is helpful for your personal goals. So, what does the blue tick bring to the table?

More Meaningful Engagement

Above all, more meaningful engagement is too hard to ignore. Anyone using Twitter for the purposes of growing a brand or similar wants people to take note of what they’re doing and for those people to get on board with the program. For this, it is definitely worth it because the engagement levels shoot up from a smattering to a highly attractive analytic in a really short space of time. Being able to bring real conversation to this world is vital for any company attempting to expand its user base, and there is a lot to be gained in that respect.

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Bigger, Better, Stronger

This engagement will only lead to a bigger, better, and stronger online presence. This, in the modern world, is something that every brand out there is striving for, and it should absolutely be engaged if this is the aim. Showing people who you are is one thing but amplifying that to hundreds of millions of people is irreplaceable.

Better Brand Presence

All of this then leads to a better brand presence. Brand voice is not something to be ignored, and it is one of the leading things that bring people into the heart of what you do. It evokes loyalty, sales, and valuable connections that inspire forward motion in the best directions. For a brand to access this kind of presence, there must be investments and Twitter Blue has shown up as a great opportunity to invest in for this purpose.

An Amplified Voice

It is often said that the person who shouts the loudest has control of the floor. Well, while this is an old saying, it can be translated into the modern world quite easily. In this context, it would refer to those that have the most followers. Online influence is paramount to modern success, and people want to see a company that is active in the e-communities. This is where users go to vent, review, share, and to generally chat about everything they love, hate, and desire. It is not something that should be ignored, because it brings so much to the success equation.

Does it Add Up?

All in all, there are some undeniable benefits to having Twitter Blue. If you can sink the monthly cost, then that status symbol granted by this globally renowned online internet community will increase the ability to reach people, spread brand values, and elicit authentic leads for whatever you’re trying to represent. While there may have been recent controversies about Twitter given the recent takeover and all the drama that came along for the ride, it remains a powerhouse for hundreds of millions of users in the majority of countries worldwide. This is phenomenal for anyone trying to broaden their horizons and gain valuable insight into how to gain success and drive forward movement to their agenda.

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Since its creation just barely a few decades ago, it has grown and grown exponentially. People connect here, and it has been an unparalleled tool of efficiency and drive for companies everywhere. The status symbol afforded by the premium tick is one that is worth the exploration at the very least. It’s one to watch, that is undeniable.