Keyword Research

Discover What Your Target Audience Searches For

We can do keyword research for you so you can fully take advantage of what search engine optimization has to offer. With our services, you can discover how to create content that is fully relevant to your business. You thus rank in a strategic way and your profits are increased.

Why Do You Need Keyword Research?

Our keyword research will give you the missing component of the content marketing strategy you use. Without a proper search, your SEO efforts are not complete. With the use of the ESBO keyword research process, you gain huge advantages that will immediately help your business thrive.

Keyword research is vital for SEO because:

  • It analyzes the current keyword rankings of a website.
  • It identifies new keywords you should be targeting.
  • It categorizes the keywords used into clusters for effective campaign development.

Keyword Research Based On Individual Goals

People look for answers on the internet when they use search engines. The content that you deliver should be able to deliver the answers people are looking for. With proper keyword research, your content will appear in search engines for queries that matter.

In order to fully deliver results-oriented solutions, we tap into our experience and choose those keywords that have the best impact. This is based on the individual goals of our clients.

Some examples of goals we take into account for keyword research purposes include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Traffic For Different Monetization Types
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Brand Mentions

Learn more by getting in touch with us! We will guide you through the entire process so that the keywords you use can bring the best results.

    The Process

    With every single client we work with, we develop a bespoke process that aims to maximize long-term results. This involves the following:

    Analyzing Your Business And Target Audience

    It is impossible to develop a really good keyword list blindly, without knowing the target audience and several important details about the business.

    Before the keyword research process begins, a member of the ESBO team will investigate your business and your needs. We basically learn about goals, the business, your expectations from marketing, and analyze the ideal target audience.

    Our team will create buyer personas and you can then target them only with relevant information.

    Find Initial Keyword Phrases

    We will generate a proper list of the most relevant keywords to use for the pages you want to promote. Thanks to our SEO experience, it is easy for us to find keywords people actually use to find your business online.

    Thanks to the initial keyword phrases, we have a starting point to dig even deeper. This allows us to find the keywords that are going to be the most effective for the site that will be promoted.

    Refining the keywords list is all based on those phrases capable of bringing in the most relevant traffic. We go much deeper than just looking at search volume.

    Analyze The Competition

    Regardless of the business you run, there is surely competition you have to deal with. You target the same exact audience as several other companies. As a result, competitor keyword analysis is mandatory for the creation of an effective optimization campaign.

    It is very important to analyze the keywords used by the competition. It allows us to find very good keyword opportunities and keywords that can be very effective and were lost in the shuffle.

    Integrate Keywords

    After the final list of keywords is ready, it can be applied to the website. Keyword mapping is something we can do and we can take care of the process for you. Alternatively, you can just take the lists we find and implement the optimization yourself. This would be discussed with our specialist.

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