Everything You Need to Know about Maximizing Shoppable Pins on Pinterest

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Pinterest is the perfect website for people who love being creative and want to collect their ideas in an organized Pinterest board, or for people who simply love exploring the internet and finding aesthetically pleasing images for iPhone or laptop wallpapers. Anyone who has been on Pinterest knows how easy it is to keep endlessly scrolling and clicking and falling down a rabbit hole of ideas, recipes, and photos. Now imagine the amount of advertising that you would get from your products appearing on the screens of thousands of people worldwide, and you’ll see why it has recently become the perfect website for businesses to market their products through the Shoppable Pin.

So, what is a Shoppable Pin and How Can it Help my Business?

The shoppable pin is a type of pin created by Pinterest that features company products related to the user’s search. By clicking on these links, the user will be automatically redirected to the company’s website where they can quickly and securely purchase the advertised product. So, it’s simple to see how this can benefit your business – your products reach hundreds more people than they usually would and there is no unnecessary trouble or multiple links to click on to purchase the product. Your profit will increase through these pins from the possibility of impulse buys alone, but you need to make sure that you’re maximizing your shoppable pins by using them to the best of their ability.

Naturally, the next question you’ll be asking yourself is ‘so how do I maximize my pins?’ Well, ask no more questions, as here are some useful tips and tricks to try to maximize your shoppable pins.

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Pinterest Analytics

Designed and run by the Pinterest company itself, Pinterest’s analytics platform allows you as a business to see what people are pinning from your profile and website so that you know which of your products are becoming the most popular. To access the analytics platform, all you need is a business account that has been verified by Pinterest and voila! You can access all of this information at your fingertips. Pinterest Analytics is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal because it doesn’t just show you which of your pins are the most popular; it also shows you who it is popular with. For example, you will be able to see the average age and gender of who is liking and clicking on your pins, letting you further understand and tailor to the demographic that is interested in your business.

Be More Pinterest Active

Like marketing on any site, such as Facebook, it is important that you’re an active Pinterest user and regularly post new pins to keep your profile active and your audience interested. There are so many different users on Pinterest from all over the world, so don’t wait for them to find you – go and find them! By regularly posting on your business’ account, you’ll not only have more shoppable pins, but will also show to potential customers that your company is constantly busy, constantly updating stock and that you have plenty more good products to offer them.

Promote your Pins Wisely

Promoted pins are pins that you have chosen and paid for to be advertised the most. As these pins will be what your current and potential new customers will see the most, it’s important that you make sure that you’ve wisely chosen the best shoppable pin to promote. A really good technique to use when choosing which of your pins to be promoted is to utilize your findings from the Pinterest Analytics platform. From the information that you have already gathered about who is most interested in your business, you can choose a pin to promote that your demographic will most likely be interested in. As well as catering to a demographic that you have already obtained, you can maximize your shoppable pins by promoting them as they can easily reach an audience who wouldn’t actively seek out or be interested in your business. By promoting your pins to a wider audience, you’ll be sure to find new customers and increase your profit.

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Let them Know Your Pin Won’t Last Forever

One of the best things about Pinterest’s shoppable pins is that they allow you to add an end date to your campaign. When already existing and new customers see your product, they may want to wait for a while whilst they shop around, have more money or they just won’t have the motivation to immediately buy what you’re showing. An end date advertised on your shoppable pins will let customers know that if they want to buy what you’re selling it’s now or never. This method of putting subtle pressure on consumers further encourages impulse buys and consequently increases your profit and number of customers. What’s especially good about gaining customers through the pressure of end dates is that they normally wouldn’t pay attention to your business, but now may be a loyal customer after receiving a product that they love on an impulse buy.

Whilst social media sites such as Facebook are a powerful tool for marketing in the digital world, Pinterest is a wonderful site for businesses because of the features that they offer that can really boost your sales. If you really want to use Pinterest to its full advantage, however, then it’s vitally important that you maximize your shoppable pins to the best of your ability. Through combining services such as Pinterest Analytics and promotable pins, you can ensure that your shoppable pins are reaching the demographic that you want, as well as helping your business to reach a wider audience.

As well as this, there’s nothing wrong with putting a little pressure on customers to impulse buy; you might find that you gain many new customers through this method! Maximizing you shoppable pins is an extremely important thing to do when you’re marketing on Pinterest, and it can be very simple if you follow these steps. Happy pinning!

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