How to Use Bots to Automate Your Instagram Posting Schedule

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By Boris Dzhingarov

If you want to make the most of the opportunities provided by having an Instagram account, you will need to develop your own posting schedule. Depending on where you are in the world and who your target audience is, posting at certain times of day can make a huge difference to the impact that your content has and how much traction it is able to gain.

Instagram bots make posting to your profile at the same time every day much easier. Just about every major social media marketing business is now using them. However, not all of these marketers have quite grasped how to use these tools in the most effective way possible. In order to get the most out of any Instagram automation tool, you need to first choose the right tool for you and then establish a pattern of actions that leads to the most interaction with your audience.

Why Scheduling is Important

There are a number of reasons that carefully scheduling your Instagram posts can massively enhance your existing marketing strategy. For one thing, scheduling your posts to appear automatically will save you time. You can prepare all your posts beforehand, well in advance of their scheduled posting time, and ensure that they are ready at that crucial moment.

This can free up a significant amount of time for your marketers to focus on other things. Many Instagram marketers are setting aside the time just before their posts are due to prepare them, believing that preparing them in advance ensures that they can keep them as up to date as possible. In fact, the way that most of us use social media personally leads us to think that social media posts are things that are composed on the spot and not given any significant preparation.

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While this might be true of the posts that we make on our personal social media accounts, this isn’t an effective way of approaching your social media marketing. When it comes to your marketing materials, you need to think carefully about how exactly you craft and deploy them. Setting a schedule for your Instagram posts means that your social media marketers know how long they have to compose each post.

Start With the Essentials

Automation tools will undertake actions on your behalf. If you program your automation tool correctly, it will increase interest in your profile, help you gain followers, and ensure that the content you upload has the greatest impact possible. However, a bot is a tool – it is not a magic solution. In other words, an automation tool is not going to make boring or unengaging content suddenly compelling to your audience.

Before you can think about setting up a regular schedule for posting content to Instagram, you need to be confident in your ability to produce high-quality and worthwhile content on demand. If you can’t trust your social media manager or your marketing team to come up with appropriate content on a regular basis then you aren’t ready to introduce automation into the equation.

Before you can think about automating your Instagram posts, you first need to be certain of your ability to regularly produce posts worth uploading. If you aren’t able to produce this content on a regular schedule, there is little point in setting up a bot to post it for you.

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Identify Your Prime Time

Before you can settle on a particular routine, you need to gather some essential data. The most important piece of data you need is the optimum time of day for you to upload new content. There are a number of factors that will come in to play here, but the most important is your location and the location of the majority of your audience.

In order to have the greatest impact, you need to post during the peak hours for your target audience. For many businesses, this means that you wait to post until it’s the evening for most Americans. The United States is not a single time zone, but most businesses that are targeting the US market time their posts to appear at around 5 PM ET (east coast time).

However, the only sure-fire way of establishing the best time for you to post is to simply make some posts and analyze how they perform. It should be straightforward identifying what your optimal posting time is – it’s whatever time of day leads to your new posts receiving the most interest.

Choosing The Right Bot

There are a number of Instagram automation tools available, which can make choosing one a daunting prospect if you don’t know where to begin. The good news is that most of the Instagram bots out there share the same set of features, or at least the same basic functions. While some tools do come with their own unique features, one tool is as good as the next for the most basic tasks, such as scheduling your updates.

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Jarvee is one of the most consistently popular Instagram bots out there. It offers all the usual functions, including some fantastic scheduling options, along with a proprietary hashtag research feature that will identify the most important keywords within your niche for you to target. You can have Jarvee automatically add the most relevant hashtags to scheduled posts and even combine this feature with another proprietary feature – the dynamic hashtags feature – to ensure that every post you make is peppered with the hashtags that are going to have the most impact.

While Jarvee is a powerful and fully-featured option, FollowLiker provides a simpler interface, albeit with fewer features included. Don’t be put off, however – FollowLiker’s simple and intuitive interface makes it an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to start using automation tools but doesn’t know where to begin.

Once you have found the right bot for you and identified the ideal time for your posts to be published, the rest is up to you. No automation tool is going to be able to create worthwhile content on your behalf; that’s something that you will have to develop yourself. However, once you are confident in your ability to regularly produce high-quality content, you can use a bot to maintain a regular posting schedule.