Website Design Rules – Get Your Site Design Perfect

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Website design is the main factor of any online business. The number of online businesses is continually increasing day by day. However, creating an attractive website design is not enough. Your website design must be user-friendly so that people can easily find the information they are looking for. Here we will discuss the web design basics. These website design rules are very important to remember.

* All modern websites follow good website design rules. Design and user experience together make your website more efficient and easy to use. You need to avoid displaying something different every time they open a page or open a new site design. Displaying properly in all popular browsers is a crucial part of good website design rules. For instance, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Explorer provide very similar features so that users may get a good experience regardless of the browser they use. While designing a website, you should also take this into consideration as presenting your site in a unique way will make it more attractive and user-friendly.

* Visual presentation is a vital rule among all other website design rules. Your content and graphic design elements should be displayed in such a manner that is appealing to the eyes. For example, a large number of people accessing your site from mobile devices will be very important to you. In this case, using Flash as an image format is highly recommended. This rule is applicable not only to websites but also to all kinds of online presence.

* Another important rule is to always use a single graphic image or photograph for every piece of information you present. In addition to this, using high-resolution images is highly recommended in order to save bandwidth and cost. When designing websites, remember to use consistent graphics as your images will help in achieving a better user experience. Thus, this rule is applicable to every part of the development process such as designing websites, making prototypes, and so on.

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* Webpages must be categorized based on theme. In order to obtain maximum traffic, many users search for the websites based on their interests. If you are a freelance website designer, then ensure that your web pages are categorized according to popular interests. For instance, if your website design rules tell you to create website pages for pets, then make sure you add some pet-related keywords in your web pages. This rule is applicable both for small and large websites.

* Another important rule for designing websites is to place interactive features such as drop down menus, pop up boxes and buttons at proper places. While designing a website, you should pay attention to these factors. A good website design agency always keeps this rule in mind while designing websites. Many freelance website designers do not pay attention to this rule and end up creating websites which are not user-friendly. So, it is better for you to hire a web design agency to get a website designed which is easy to use.