Rebranding Your Local Business? Keep This Advice in Mind

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By Boris Dzhingarov

There are many reasons why you would want – or need – to rebrand your business. You may be trying to make your business and its products relevant again; a rebrand can help you achieve that objective easily. You can also use rebranding as a way to connect with new market segments and expand your market reach in general.

Regardless of your objectives, rebranding your local business is only a good thing when you approach it the right way. For the rebrand to be successful, you need to complete every step and tackle every aspect meticulously. The following tips and tricks will help you rebrand your local business successfully.

Have a Good Reason

As mentioned before, it is necessary to know (and fully understand) the objective of your rebranding effort. Knowing the goals that you’re trying to achieve with the rebrand allows you to fine-tune other details about the effort. It gets you that much closer to achieving success with the new brand.

Ask yourself a few questions before starting the rebranding effort. Are you trying to be relevant to new audience groups? What are the issues you face with the existing brand? What kind of key branding messages do you want to convey with the new brand?

The more questions you ask and answer, the more refined your rebranding campaign will be. Work on the plan as well as the new brand with these answers and objectives in mind. You’ll be surprised by how much more comprehensive your rebranding plan will be at the end of this process.

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Stick to the Basics

Don’t rebrand your business just for the sake of changing things. More importantly, don’t change things unless the change is really necessary. Just because you are doing a rebrand of your business, doesn’t mean you have to change everything or replace your brand entirely.

Some elements of your old brands don’t need to be changed at all. The reasons and stories behind the business, for instance, can still be a big part of your new brand. The same can be said for brand elements like typography and your logo.

Other changes can be impactful even when they are relatively small. Altering the way your typography logo looks is a good example of how small changes can be the brand refresh that your business needs.

Get Your Customers Involved

So, how do you decide which changes to make in order to have the biggest impact on the market? Instead of trying to navigate through this question yourself, it is actually a good idea to get your customers – your target market – involved.

There are many ways to get your customers involved too. You can start by reaching out to existing customers and getting their insights about your current brand. Ask questions, conduct a survey, and have real conversations to find out how you can elevate your business through a rebranding campaign.

You can also turn to social media for more insight to help you with your rebranding efforts. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are great places to collect customer insight. They allow you to engage your target consumers directly.

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Assess the Cost

Even the smallest rebranding will cost your business money. Before moving forward with the rebrand, you have to take the costs associated with rebranding your local business into consideration. Start with the tangible costs, like the cost of printing new letterheads and other items for your business.

Continue with the bigger costs associated with the rebranding campaign. If you have to change the sign in front of your store, for instance, you need to take that cost into account. The cost will be even bigger if you also plan on a complete rebranding of the store.

Lastly, consider the indirect costs of rebranding your local business. The rebranding campaign is usually followed by a comprehensive marketing campaign to introduce the new brand, and the cost of marketing the new brand is part of the equation too.

Leave It to Experts

Your new brand needs to be as good as it can be. Don’t rebrand your local business unless you are certain that the new brand will be better than the existing one. Your new brand is an investment, so invest a good amount of time, money, and energy into making it a valuable brand for the business.

Fortunately, you now have a lot of experts ready to help you with the rebranding campaign. Finding the right designer, marketer, and even branding expert to help you with the tasks at hand is easier than ever thanks to the internet and the wealth of services that are at your fingertips.

While working with a branding expert or a designer, you can dig deeper into the insights around your business’s upcoming brand and its target market. This gives you the opportunity to refine your concept as you work towards making your dream brand a reality.

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Cover Your Assets

One of the first things you need to do once a new brand is established for your business is to update your assets to represent the new brand. Your social media pages as well as your website need to display the new brand. You may also need to adjust the overall look and feel of your online presence as a whole.

Let’s not forget that a rebranding campaign is the perfect opportunity to gain extra coverage. It is a PR opportunity for the business as well as the perfect start to a major marketing campaign for your business. Not taking advantage of these opportunities would be a big waste.

Local and industry-related media outlets are among the first ones to contact when you are carrying out a rebranding. When the rebranding campaign is done correctly, your local business and its new brand can be newsworthy in many ways.

You can also host a launch party to celebrate the new brand. Invite industry experts and media outlets to the launch event to garner more coverage for the business. Amplify the exposure using ads and digital marketing campaigns and you will have a successful rebranding of your business well within reach.