Using Explainer Videos in Marketing

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Explainer videos are an ideal way of both generating new leads and keeping existing customers. Easy to share on social media platforms such as YouTube or included in email marketing campaigns, these explainer videos make an effective marketing investment.

Visual content can be especially beneficial at the consideration stage of a buyer’s journey when buyers identify problems and search for solutions. Visuals engage and retain people more effectively – leading them to remember your brand.

They increase conversions

Explainer videos are an ideal marketing tool to attract and convert new customers. Their user-friendly interface and engaging format make them far easier to consume than text-based content; plus they are twice more likely to be shared than any other type of online media. Explainer videos can be utilized on websites, landing pages, social media channels, or even in an email signature!

An explainer video can significantly increase conversions by providing customers with an engaging message about your product or service and prompting them to learn more. Furthermore, video content has been shown to have more Google recognition due to being more relevant; consequently, it may appear in search results more frequently.

To create an explainer video, it is first necessary to devise a script. Next, record and add voiceover, find footage/illustrations as appropriate, and set the mood by using music to set an emotional connection with your viewers. Finally, all these pieces need to be put together using video editing software before uploading to YouTube and linking it back to your website or adding it as part of an email signature for customers who might share with friends.

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They are more engaging

An explainer video is an engaging and effective way to quickly demonstrate what your company offers, as well as an invaluable way to convert potential customers into loyal clients. Simply adding one to your landing page could increase conversion by as much as 80%! Plus, video content is far easier for viewers to share than text-based material.

An effective explainer video should be short and engaging, answering both ‘what” and “how” your product/service solves a problem as well as outlining its benefits. Animation or real-life footage may be used to convey this story – animated videos being an ideal solution for businesses that must communicate complex information quickly while remaining cost-effective and easy to edit.

There are various styles of animated explainer videos, such as infographics, chalkboards, and character-driven. An infographic video uses charts, graphs, and icons to effectively demonstrate your business’s key features; chalkboard videos make use of the classic whiteboard to convey their message; character-driven videos feature cute cartoon figures representing your prospective customers and can be highly entertaining.

Integrating an explainer video into your website will make you stand out from competitors and draw search engine attention, increasing its rankings so people find you faster before reaching another competitor’s site. Furthermore, great explainer videos may even go viral through sharing on social media platforms, leading to additional traffic coming your way.

They are more memorable

Explainer videos from Kartoffel Films offer businesses a quick and engaging way of reaching customers quickly. Explainer videos can be used to explain a complex product such as software applications or demonstrate company culture, as well as to promote brand recognition and attract visitors. The best explainer videos feature short, high-quality films with an easily understood story arc that addresses audience pain points while offering solutions and showing how a product will enhance lives – perfect for remodeling services and software developers alike.

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Animated explainer videos can be especially powerful in engaging customers. Their innovative format and creative storytelling options make them the ideal medium to create characters, worlds, and themes that resonate with your customer base while meeting limited marketing budget requirements.

Explainer videos have another key advantage over other types of web content; people are twice as likely to share them than an informative article or infographic. Furthermore, video is more engaging than text and can be shared across any platform – even Google prioritizes video results over text results in its search result pages!

They are easier to share

Explainer videos can help your brand generate leads with ease. A recent Wyzowl study showed that 94% of marketers reported increased customer understanding and retention after using explainer videos as marketing tools. A primary cause of customer churn is not finding value in your product or service; an effective solution would be providing additional education – which explainer videos make easier.

An effective explainer video needs to capture and engage its viewers, creating fun, interesting, and informative videos. For instance, using animation to tell a story or create brand characters recognizable to target markets is one way of doing this; adding calls-to-action into videos is another effective strategy for lead generation.

Promote your explainer video by posting it on YouTube or Vimeo, embedding it onto your website/landing page, email newsletters and social media posts, etc. Involve multiple channels when promoting the video so as to increase its chances of going viral and having an effectful result in terms of brand reputation; but be cautious not to overdo video promotion efforts.

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