LinkedIn Lead Generation For B2B Tech Businesses

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By Boris Dzhingarov

LinkedIn lead generation is an integral component of any B2B tech business’s marketing strategy, helping convert prospects into clients and customers using various tools.

These include optimizing a company page, using LinkedIn Groups effectively, aligning sales and marketing processes and using lead forms effectively. They may also include making use of LinkedIn Ads or taking advantage of LinkedIn Ads.

Engaging Content

No matter your strategy for reaching target audiences on LinkedIn – either organic or paid ads – creating high-quality content is vital to its success. This may include blogs, whitepapers, case studies or any other educational materials which focus on trends, best practices or thought leadership within your field of business.

LinkedIn posts offer another avenue for lead generation, offering more of a personal and conversational tone compared to company page content. However, it’s crucial that when crafting posts you understand your audience’s expectations in order to avoid oversharing or posting irrelevant material.

LinkedIn Creator analytics enable content creators to track engagement metrics, identify patterns among followers and optimize content performance for maximum impact. Furthermore, use LinkedIn remarketing tools by connecting your website with an Insight Tag or installing GetProspect Chrome extension on Chrome as an efficient means of collecting email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

Shared Content

LinkedIn users tend to be business professionals, so content marketing remains one of the best ways to generate leads on this platform. Publishing helpful, insightful articles or blogs on your LinkedIn page is an effective way to engage your target audience while positioning yourself as an authority in your subject area. According to TAPNET, this is one of the most important steps to take.

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LinkedIn also provides resources that can help businesses expand their reach and engagement. A premium account enables members to utilize InMail and more advanced search tools, as well as follow profiles – an important way of identifying potential prospects.

Other LinkedIn lead generation tools include Sales Navigator and Cognism, which enable representatives to easily identify and connect with qualified leads based on their online activity. Kaspr, a Chrome Extension with access to contact data, is another helpful solution for B2B marketers.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn’s advertising platform makes it possible for you to target specific audiences with ads in text, image and video format. Furthermore, when creating ads you can include a clickable CTA that directs people directly to your product or service webpage where they can learn more.

LinkedIn also offers lead gen forms that can be integrated into sponsored content or messages, prepopulated with information from a user’s LinkedIn profile. This eliminates friction and encourages more people to fill out the form, with data imported directly into CRM or marketing automation software via Zapier for processing – making LinkedIn lead generation forms an excellent option for businesses wanting to nurture new leads.

Follow Mode for Team Members

LinkedIn presents many opportunities for B2B and B2C marketers, but they may be missed easily. From LinkedIn Ads and networking on the platform to Boolean search, all its features must be used effectively by marketers in order to generate leads on this platform.

LinkedIn allows team members to build individual profiles that serve as key parts of their company’s presence on the site. Advise team members to incorporate brand voice and content formulas, while adding their own personal flair.

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Take advantage of LinkedIn groups to connect with people and build rapport. Once you have made contact, send an InMail to kick off your pitch and bring them closer towards becoming customers – you can automate this outreach using third-party tools such as Expandi, which offers a free trial version.

Lead Forms

LinkedIn allows you to capture quality leads with ads featuring pre-filled forms. Once clicked upon, these advertisements can then be remarketed directly back to their target market – however their effectiveness depends on factors like offer/form/copywriting/creativity.

LinkedIn provides 12 form fields, but you can add more to qualify your leads. Furthermore, custom checkboxes such as Smartsheet’s can be added for additional qualification of prospects using Microsoft Project. Lastly, Zapier can connect LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with CRM or marketing automation tools allowing you to track leads easily. In order to start this process you will require Super Admin access for your LinkedIn company page; once complete you can then create your first Lead Gen Form!