How to Identify Trending Topics You Can Target for SEO

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Search engine optimization can give your business website a competitive advantage, improve your credibility, and create more high visibility for your business online including many more benefits. However, to do this, you will need to identify the right keywords, including trending topics that you can target for SEO on your website, business blog, or YouTube channel. Placing the right keywords on your website and in your business blog is still one of the most important SEO strategies that any company can implement. Keywords should be easy to rank for and able to fit naturally into your website content to help you attract more traffic and ultimately convert visitors to paying customers or subscribers.

While evergreen content is important for your website, converting trending topics can help you generate interest from users who are following the latest trends and make sure that you don’t miss out on the buzz surrounding a certain idea, news event, product, opinion and more. Today, it’s become easier than ever to locate live trends and quickly come up with tailored content that you can use to take advantage of what’s hot right now. Here are some of the best methods and tools for identifying trending topics for SEO.


Twitter was the first social network to bring trends to the public attention. On the Twitter app, you can immediately see current trends by simply heading to the search page. Using Twitter is the best way to see what’s going on in your country right now, what the current mood is, and the latest cultural and political trends. Using the website, you can also check global trends or trends around certain topics depending on the needs of your business and what kind of topics you want to target.

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Social Mention:

Social Mention is a smart tool that you can use to analyze the content of a large number of different websites. It not only covers the major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, but also searches through over one hundred different sites including YouTube and lesser-known sites like FriendFeed and Digg. It will look through pretty much any site that allows users to generate their own content to find out which topics are trending right now. In addition to information on trends, you can also use Social Mention to get a list of influencers on a certain topic, which can be an ideal tool for finding new collaborators to work with.

Google Trends:

One of the many analytics services offered by Google is Google Trends, which is one of the best options for finding trending topics that you can target for SEO. Using the Google Trends feature, you can search for any topic to find out more about the kind of volume that it gets from search queries. You have options to narrow down your search further and get sector-specific or country-specific results to ensure that they are more targeted. Once you have your results, you can then click on state names to get even more local details, enabling you to find highly targeted keywords for your audience.


Agorapulse is a tool that is mainly used for creating marketing campaigns and contests on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, you can also use this tool to create customized queries for certain keywords on Twitter to identify how much ‘buzz’ they are getting. You can use the analytics features provided by Agorapulse to find out more about your best-performing social media posts. Use it to go through your recent posts to find out which topics are the most popular ones right now.

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This interesting and useful tool is designed to allow you to track the most popular hashtags on social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It works in a similar way to Google Alerts but is set up for social media instead. It allows you to create alerts for certain topics, and then simply monitor it for real-time results. Along with using it to find out what’s trending when it comes to your brand, it can also be useful for getting more real-time information about any negative mentions of your brand so that you can quickly respond to criticism, complaints and other issues.


Reddit is a very popular app where people go to have discussions and debates on almost every topic possible. Each topic can either be voted up or down by users on the app, and only the ones with a high number of upvotes are the ones that make it to the homepage. For business owners looking for trending and popular topics to target for SEO, taking a quick look at the Reddit homepage is a good way to find out more about what people are talking about right now.


Buzzfeed is a news and entertainment site that rose to popularity simply by publishing content on the most trending topics. In addition to their content, they also display the latest Buzzfeed trends on their homepage, making it an ideal site to take a look at if you want to find out more about what everybody is talking about right now. Not only can you use Buzzfeed to get an idea of the best keywords to target right now, but you can also get inspiration on how to create content around them.

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While not every trending topic is going to be relevant to your business, keeping your eye on the biggest trends and keeping up with what people are currently talking about online is the best way to determine what you can target for SEO in future website content and blog posts. Covering trending topics wherever possible can be the best way to increase website traffic and generate more interest in your business. And with several tools now available that you can use to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not, getting new content ideas that are in line with the most popular topics of the day in a certain area has become easier than ever.