How to Create a Professional Web Design – Simple Tips To Remember

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By Boris Dzhingarov

If you want to create a website that looks professional, you need to follow certain guidelines. You should avoid flashing texts and animations and limit your use of coloured backgrounds. You should also make sure that your body text is at least 16pt in size. There are several things that you can do to create a website that looks professional and is easy to navigate.

Avoid flashing texts

Whenever possible, avoid using flashing texts in your web design. Not only is moving text difficult to read, it can also trigger photosensitive seizures in some people. Moving texts should be limited to preloader and interactive sections. Instead of using flashy colors, try to use desaturated shades or black and white.

Flashing text can be produced by using the HTML blink tag, but it should be avoided in webdesign. This is because it is not supported by all browsers. In some cases, the text may not flash at the right frequency, resulting in an unsettling experience for users. In addition to that, flashing content can distract users.

Limit animations

Animations are a great way to entertain visitors and educate them, according to professional web design agency WPS Web. But it can be annoying when they’re only a distraction for users. Use animations for specific purposes, such as moving the focus to a specific section or page. You should also consider the state of mind of the user when they’re using the feature. If they’re confused, they may continue to click or tap until they get the desired effect.

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If you’re considering integrating animations into your web design, you’ll need to account for the time it takes for the content to appear. Ideally, you should aim to use animations that only run for 100ms to one second. This will ensure that users can perceive them without being confused or pulled out of the flow of engagement with the content.

Avoid light grey text on light backgrounds

Light grey text on a light background can reduce the prominence of an element on a page. It can also reduce the readability of text. If you are using a light background for your web design, you can try using a dark overlay to create contrast. However, you should avoid using text that’s too light.

Keep your body text at least 16pt

When constructing your website, keep in mind that most people have difficulty reading small text. Ideally, body text should be at least 16pt, although you can use a smaller font if you want. If you are using a small font, consider using it only for the most important elements of your website.

Make the font on your website consistent and easy to read. The best way to do this is to use a font that complements your site’s other elements. This will avoid having your text appear cluttered and disjointed. You should also choose a font with ample contrast to the background. For example, avoid using red font on a green background.

Be aware of conformity bias

In the early days of man, conformity was essential for survival. By cooperating with others, we were able to hunt for food, build shelters, and fend off predators. This mentality still persists today. Among marginalized groups, being conformed to the standards of their group is a way of gaining support and safety.

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