Video Marketing Tips – How Closed Captioning Can Increase Viewer Engagement

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By Boris Dzhingarov

When creating a video, keep in mind the following video marketing tips: Start with a problem, and tease the solution. For example, a video about Learn with Shopify may begin with a common challenge, and tease the solution before discussing it. This way, viewers will be intrigued and want to watch the rest of the video. Then, at the end, they’ll know exactly how to solve their own problem!

PSP structure

A common structure in writing essays is the problem-solution-problem structure, or PSP. This framework involves introducing a problem and offering a solution, and then adding an additional problem to entice the audience to purchase. Video content can use this structure to solve a problem or introduce another one. For example, a video on customer advocacy could introduce a new product or explain how a product can improve the lives of consumers.

Using a PSP structure allows a company to create a more personalized experience for its audience. For example, the PSP structure of a video can incorporate b-roll clips. These b-rolls can be composed into shot sequences. In order to make sure the video content is engaging, the PSP structure of the project includes questions from stakeholders. It can also include a shot list to ensure that every shot is captured with a high degree of quality.

Tail-baiting elements

A video is an excellent marketing tool as Welcome Productions highlight, but it can fail if it doesn’t contain the right elements to draw in viewers. While the use of videos in marketing is growing in popularity, there are some things you should avoid doing. In addition to low-quality videos, your content should be relevant and interesting. A poor quality video will only lose viewers’ attention, so it is important to choose your content wisely. Despite the fact that videos are a powerful marketing tool, they can cause some confusion for your customers.

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Use videos to develop interest in your product and push your prospects to purchase. Statistics show that a 74% of people who watched a product demo purchased the product. Make your videos personalized and show how the product will benefit your lead’s business. Don’t forget to use video testimonials to provide social proof. Video testimonials are a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. But remember to stay focused on actionable metrics!

Closed captions

Adding closed captions to your videos can increase viewer engagement and drive traffic upward. Although most people cannot hear audio on social media, closed captions can increase your video’s visibility in search engines and increase your conversion rate. If you want to increase your bottom line, closed captions are an essential part of your video marketing strategy. Learn more about how closed captions help you achieve this. Here are some of the most common benefits of closed captions:

DVDs can have closed captions. Previously, closed captions were embedded into the picture by a composite video input. But now, many digital video interconnects do not have the capability to encode closed caption information. The source can be either a DVD player or a cable or digital television receiver. Closed captions are encoded in a separate data stream called MPEG-2, which is available only to a closed caption decoder.

Optimizing visibility

If you’re using a video as part of your marketing campaign, you can optimize its visibility by adding related content to the page. This will help the search engine spiders determine the content’s relevancy and focus. Links to the page also help your video get indexed and discovered. To do this, follow best practices when creating internal links. Here are some tips:

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Use keywords in the title, description, and tags. Google gives more weight to videos with high engagement. To get a high ranking, your video needs to be about a topic with ‘video intent.’ Video intent refers to those who are more likely to view videos instead of reading content. If you’re unsure about whether your video has this feature, use a keyword tool like Also, use tools provided by your digital marketing platform.