Using WordPress to Complement Your E-Business

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Maintaining an e-store can be a complicated ordeal when it comes to establishing a reputation among your customers and keeping it positive, and part of the problem is that there are various tools out there that few entrepreneurs give a chance. You need to attack on all fronts instead of simply working on the store itself, and you can often benefit from some additional promotional channels, like running a WordPress blog alongside the main store.

Build an Audience with Great Content

This is a great opportunity to reach more people with carefully written and optimized blog posts that answer some important common questions. It can take a while to figure out the correct format, and you’ll need to be extremely patient over a relatively long period of time, but once you have the formula down, you’ll be able to produce those pieces at a very rapid pace. More importantly, you’ll know the right topics to hit in order to generate as much traffic to your blog as possible, and WordPress can make this relatively simple with some of its built-in tools and available extensions.

Keep Your Customers Informed

You can also use your blog to address some common issues and questions that your customers may have about your product or service. Don’t just treat this like a dry FAQ though, use the opportunity to create an evolving documentation that’s always relevant to the current state of your business. A CMS like WordPress can make this process very simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus entirely on the actual content that you’re producing for your readers. If you’re not sure what to write about, just take a look around your main store itself and that should give you plenty of starting points to work with.

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Gauge Opinions

And on that note, running a blog alongside your main store can also provide you with some great opportunities to figure out exactly what your customers want and what they think of your different products. This can sometimes be hard to judge properly with things like customer ratings and reviews, and you can get a much better response rate by simply having a good blog where people can comment and discuss. Even better, create posts that actively engage your customers and provoke the kind of conversation you’re looking for – open-ended posts that leave readers with a question tend to work well in most cases.

It may take some time to figure out how to best use a blog to complement your e-store, but once you’re on the right track, the results will start flowing in pretty much immediately. This is something that few store owners seem to be taking advantage of properly at the moment, which is a shame when you consider the huge potential hidden within this technique. You don’t even need to be a great writer to set up something that works, and you never know if you might have a knack for it until you’ve actually given it a try, so get started today and see the results!