The Secrets of Twitter’s Top Tweeters – How You Can Learn From Them

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By Boris Dzhingarov

How many times have you sent out Tweets from your business account only to get little to no response? There’s a good chance you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time on Twitter checking out your competition and others in general and feeling in awe of the kind of interaction they are generating whether it be likes, retweets, or comments. What are they doing that is more effective than you? Here’s the thing, there are useful tricks and tips when it comes to using Twitter successfully and these tips can help to promote better engagement with your Tweets.

To help you improve your Twitter response here’s a look at some of the secrets of Twitter’s top Tweeters, which can prove to be transformative in your own efforts.

Images Can Help You Score Retweets

One way to get your Tweets seen by a larger audience is to have people retweet your content. Of course that needs to happen organically in order to be successful, which means your content needs to be engaging.

Twitter pros have come to the realization that one of the best ways to grab the attention of people is using images. Now here’s the key, you don’t want to use just one image – which is the standard – you want to max it out and use four images. This is something that many people aren’t even aware of, but adding more than one image is do-able. To top it off you still have enough character allowance to go ahead and write a blurb.

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Of course using images does come with a word of warning and that’s the fact the images need to be relevant and of interest. Simply inserting photos for the sake of it won’t get you the results you’re after. These need to be purposeful images. The pros recommend choosing images that help with branding, product information, and images that create buzz around your business.

Start Embedding Tweets to Increase Visibility

Chances are your company has a website, as most businesses today are well aware of just how important a website is to their success. So why not make full use of that website and the audience you have built up by embedding Tweets right into the website. This works to drive people to your Twitter account and build your following.

Now here’s the cool part about embedding Tweets, you make it easy on visitors to like, retweet, and comment since they can do so from your website. This means they don’t have to go to Twitter, search your company up, and then find that specific Tweet. It saves them all kinds of time and hassle, which will likely encourage higher levels of engagement.

Create an Established Schedule

This particular tip is another one that Twitter pros swear by, and is one you can easily implement. You want to create a consistent schedule wherein you post to Twitter. The last thing you want is to allow your account to become stagnant. If you allow this to happen you can bet you will lose followers and you’ll create a real up-hill battle for yourself.

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In speaking with the pros, they tend to suggest you not only Tweet on a regular basis but you do so early in the day. Yes even the timing of your Tweets will have an impact. If you don’t find that time of day is working out for you, try experimenting with other times. It’s all about finding that perfect schedule that jives with your followers.

So how often is too often when it comes to Tweeting? That’s a fine line to walk. You want to be sure you stay consistent and your account stays active but at the same time you don’t want to over-do it. The last thing you want is to have your Tweets coming across as spam. A good way to avoid this is to make sure if you are Tweeting there is a reason for it and you have engaging content and information to share.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start a Thread

So what happens if you can’t fit everything into the characters that Tweets allow? Don’t be afraid to start a thread. Again there needs to be happy medium though. You don’t want all your Tweets to be long, but if a topic is worthy of the extra Tweets, then go ahead.

What is Creating Buzz – What are the Current Trends?

Twitter pros are also well aware of just how powerful current trends and buzz can be. If you can jump on a current trend and post content that ties to it, you can actually see a sizeable boost in your engagement. In order for this to work as intended, though, you need to keep yourself informed where the industry is concerned and on general news so you know when those relevant trends pop up.

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Stand Out from the Competition – Be Unique

As a business owner there is no doubt you’ve checked out what your competition is Tweeting, how often, and what sort of engagement they are getting. That’s a wise thing to do; you can chalk it up to competitor research. The key will be to use that information so that you can find ways to be unique and ensure you’re not a carbon copy of the competition. What is your unique hook and content?

It’s More than Just Tweeting – There Needs to Be Engagement

The final tip is one that can often be overlooked. Far too often, businesses focus on Tweeting and making sure they are getting their message out there, but what about the engagement? Are you responding to comments? Are you making your presence known? In order to get optimum results, you absolutely have to engage with followers. This means answering questions and comments in a timely manner.

It’s for this reason that businesses may need to hire a dedicated social media specialist who can stay on top of all the content being posted and making sure responses are timely.

When it comes to mastering your company’s Twitter account, these tips from the pros can certainly make it happen.