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Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are an important consideration for any SEO strategy, and they are one that is only going to become more important as time goes on.

Improve Your Google Rankings

In the past, links have been considered the most important currency in terms of determining a website’s SEO score. However, times are changing. Google and Microsoft have both now indicated that their respective search platforms will look for mentions of brands, even when there is no accompanying link. This presents some exciting possibilities, particularly for small businesses who are looking for new ways to get their products out there.

Now that brand mentions are worth something in and of themselves, it is even more worthwhile attempting to generate buzz about your product. Even where mentions of your product aren’t generating links, they will still be useful to your SEO efforts because search engines can now see those brand mentions as well.

We will produce high-quality content for your website that will generate organic buzz and help you to ratchet up those brand mentions. Always think of the overall quality of your content as being directly proportional to the impact it will have on your SEO. This is why it is so important to invest in professional copywriters.

The Future is Link-less

Google has even announced, via their Panda patent, that they are developing ways for their search engine to ‘read’ the content of websites and to identify the context in which brands and businesses are mentioned. This is another example of how the future of search engines lies in the ability to understand the context of link and brand mentions online.

The time to get in on this trend is now! We cannot emphasise enough that the quality of the content that you produce will have an enormous impact on how much buzz it generates. Right now, that still mostly means generating links. However, as we move away from links and closer to brand mentions, the metrics are changing.

Get Your Brand Out There

Good content has the potential to spread far and wide. If you want your brand to be mentioned all over the web, or for your website to become a central hub of popular, widely shared content, you need to hire a copywriting service that can guarantee quality. We have the experience and the talent to produce engaging and worthwhile content on a range of subjects. We believe that good quality content will always shine through and generate more brand mentions for you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best assist you in getting your brand out there.