Is It Worth Adding Video Content to a Google Business Profile?

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By Boris Dzhingarov

The main reason why any business would have an online presence is obviously to build a larger customer base. In so doing, they can increase profits exponentially and that is really what business is all about – making money. To this end, you have probably been hearing about the amazing benefits to be had by building a Google Business Profile, but is it worth it adding video content to that profile? Let’s explore that a bit.

First – A Quick Background

Unless a consumer has a business that they deal with loyally, the first thing they do is search Google for a new business that has the products or services they are in the market for. It could be anything in literally any industry imaginable from restaurants to auto mechanics. The end result is the same. If they are looking for a new business, they will turn to the almighty Google. However, there is much to be done in order to be highly ranked enough to be listed on the first page of the search results. Bear in mind that most people will not click through to the second page of the SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages, so if you are not on page one, your chances of being found are limited. This is where a Google Business Profile is the key to being found.

What Exactly Is a Google Business Profile?

Before getting into the subject of adding videos to your Google Business Profile, let’s look at what exactly that is. While many consumers are looking for local businesses, a huge number are also looking for companies literally anywhere in the world. This is where that business profile comes into play because it’s free and you will get your own business page. However, you should also know that this page is extremely important if you want to rank highly enough to increase traffic to your website. It involves so much from the strategic use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to key selling points you want to put across. You may wish to introduce key members of your team or briefly mention products and services you provide. At this point it often pays to employ the services of an SEO team of experts who can expertly build a business profile for the desired results.

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The History of Videos on Google Business Profile Pages

Originally, this feature was only part of Google Local or Google Maps, but now it’s a feature open to any business with a Google Business Page. In 2018, Google changed their policy and now it is not only allowed, but free to post videos on your page. For local businesses, this was an amazing advantage because Google was the leading way in which people found new businesses in their locale. Gone are the days where your fingers did the walking through the yellow pages. Now those pages are in cyberspace and the ‘walking’ is a search on Google. Within the past few years, many national and international businesses have had huge successes with videos on their business profile page and that, in itself, brought in significantly higher traffic to their websites.

What Kind of Videos Should You Use?

Actually, the kind of video you upload to your Google Business Page is up to you, but you should be aware of the size limitations. The maximum size allowable is 75 MB so you need to keep them short and to the point. Some businesses feature a particularly popular item or service while others introduce members of their team. Others still offer a short how-to video which are quite popular. It’s up to you and your SEO team because those videos also need to be search engine friendly! Every little bit helps when it comes to being recognized as an authority in your field by Google along with popular key search phrases. It all works together.

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It’s Time to Answer the Question!

Now then, is it worth it adding video content to a Google Business Profile? That’s really up to you, but there are a few points you need to consider. First, remember that it’s a free service open to businesses of any kind on profile pages since 2018. There is no cost there. If you are contracting an SEO team or videographer anyway for your website, that’s a cost you’ve already budgeted for. It may be a bit more when it comes to building your profile, but that is the million-dollar question. If you look at the statistics to see just successful Business Profile Pages are in helping businesses build an ever-larger customer page, the question should be asked in reverse. Can you afford not to build a Google Business Profile page complete with professional videos?

Your Key Takeaway

There are several important points to keep in mind when creating your profile page. First, remember that it costs you nothing to build a Google Business Profile. You can add content, videos, and links as you see fit. The only real cost would be what you are paying expert professionals to build the content you need that will get real results. What wasn’t mentioned above is that a number of small businesses try to create the content themselves and often it lacks the necessary features of SEO and high-quality presentation.

Don’t forget that those links you can add to your profile are an invaluable asset. You can link to social media pages, management contacts and even product pages you are promoting. Any serious-minded consumer will most often look at your profile before clicking through to your website. Today’s consumer wants to know more about the people behind a brand or product and this is where they’ll turn. In the end, it’s up to you if you want to add video to your business profile but the benefits to be achieved are well worth the time and effort. If you want to grow, give your audience a taste of what they’ll find when visiting your page. That video is worth so much more than a thousand words.

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