How to Brush Up on Your SEO Skills So You’ll Be More Employable in the Marketing Field

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By Adrian Cruce

Are you looking to find a career in marketing? Maybe you’re already in the field and are simply hoping to work your way up the career ladder. Then again, it may be a completely new field for you and you’re looking to make some big changes in your life. Obviously, to find that “perfect job” you need to have a list of employable skills, knowledge, and experience so that you’ll capture the eyes of potential employers. What this means is that you can help move the process forward by furthering that list of skills.

When it comes to marketing, SEO tools are among the most important skills to have. While you may have the basics covered, there is nothing wrong with brushing up your knowledge and thereby beefing up your CV. Here’s a look at how you can broaden your knowledge when it comes to SEO skills and make yourself that much more employable in the marketing field.

Start Following Well-Known Blogs

Because blogging is a huge part of SEO, a great place to start is to find blogs that are well-known, reputable, and stay up on all the latest trends that you can pour over. Read them with a critical eye so you get an idea of how they put together a successful blog, what the strengths are, the structure of the blog, any additional multi-media used such as photos and videos, and if there are any negatives.

As discussed on, some you may want to check out include the Kissmetrics blog,’s blog, and the Search Engine Journal’s SEO section.

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Make Use of Hyperlinks

When building web pages, blogs, and posting on social networks, another powerful tool is to use keywords that are hyperlinked to the company’s own content. Not only will this help to drive traffic to specific areas of a company’s website; it also helps the Google rankings. Google will be looking for keywords that are hyperlinked, and it is common knowledge that the higher the Google ranking, the more traffic that page will likely receive.

Sign Up for an SEO Course

One of the best ways to brush up on your skills is to sign up for some sort of training course. You can find specific SEO courses that you can enrol in that will not only cover the basics, but take things deeper and provide you with the insight, tools, and experience that employers are looking for.

Make Use of Online Resources

If signing up for a course isn’t something you’re interested in, or it doesn’t work with your schedule, then make use of the online resources that discuss SEO practices and tools. Many of these resources are free, and you can study them on your own schedule.

It’s All About Bettering Your Skills

Each of these tips is designed to help you broaden and better your SEO skills, which will, in turn, make you that much more useful in the field of marketing.