Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Etsy Shop

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Since 2005, Esty has been dominating the e-commerce world, providing a safe space for consumers to find unique and authentic vintage and handmade items. Whether it’s paintings, blankets, or woodwork, 2019 saw over 2.5 million sellers using the platform to sell goods.

If you already have an established Etsy shop, or you’re thinking about joining the statistic, it’s vital that you market and promote your goods to the right demographic. To enhance your success and increase profits, here are some of the best marketing tactics that you can implement in your Etsy shop.

Run Retargeting Campaigns

You may not realize it, but consumers come into contact with your goods an average of seven times before deciding to purchase your product. One of the best marketing strategies to implement is retargeting, which is a form of online advertising that helps keep your products and shop in front of bounded traffic, even after they’ve left your site. The primary purpose of a retargeting campaign is to remind your audience of your goods and increase your sales.

Frequently Post About Your Products

For your audience base to grow, you need to frequently post about your products. If you’re the type of seller who thinks posting once or twice is enough, think again. 75% of people won’t see your listing the first time, which is why you need to remain consistent with your approach and post several times throughout the day and week. There is a fine line between keeping consumers in the know and sounding repetitive, so make alterations to your product listings to avoid potential buyers switching off.

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Build a Presence on Social Media

Once you have built your brand and have your Etsy shop set up, you need to take it to social media. Whether you set up a Facebook business account, use Instagram, or post on your Snapchat story, there are lots of platforms that you can use to increase your customer base. Building a social media presence takes time and perseverance, so don’t expect success overnight. Once you build a reputable brand, your buyers will tell their family and friends (otherwise known as word of mouth marketing) which will grow your Etsy shop.


The purpose of SEO (search engine optimization) is to make you more visible to Etsy and Google search bots. One of the best ways to attain this visibility is by incorporating relevant keywords into your Etsy shop profile, product descriptions and product names. Keywords are words that consumers associate with your products, or what they search for when seeking out goods. Have a think about the phrases and words that your audience are most likely to use when browsing the web for your products and services.

Use Brand Ambassadors

Another great way to build your brand and boost traffic to your Etsy shop is by using brand ambassadors. To achieve this, simply send your products to certain people for free and in return, they can showcase them on their social media accounts. You should also work with brand enthusiasts who are individuals that sell your goods at a huge discount and tend to market your products in the same manner that a brand ambassador would. Using brand ambassadors that have a large following speaking highly of your shop will increase traffic and revenue.

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Create an Email List

One of the most effective marketing strategies to boost your Etsy shop comes in the form of email lists. As your store is online, every consumer who visits your page will have an email address. The more people who join your email list, the better chance you have of them purchasing your products someday. Creating an email list is straightforward. Simply find an email service provider like Convertkit or Mailchimp and then ask your shop visitors to opt in for updates. When used correctly, email marketing can propel your Etsy shop forward.

List New Products

When a user favorites your products or shop, at least one of your items will be displayed on their Etsy homepage. This means that each time you list a brand-new product, it will show up on their page. This is one of the best ways to advertise your goods to your audience without having to spend any money. Keeping your shop regularly updated with new products will show that you’re consistent and reputable.

Post Tutorials

Another great strategy that can help to attract customers to your Etsy shop comes in the form of content marketing. One of the easiest ways to implement this is by creating tutorials and buying guides. Whether you create a video showing potential customers how to make simple crafts, or break down how to do something complicated into easy to follow steps, posting tutorials is guaranteed to get you more custom.

Host Giveaways and Contests

We all like to score a bargain and get freebies where we can, which is why you should exploit this basic human nature by hosting contents and giveaways. One simple strategy that can help to get your message across and build traffic is by having customers post pictures of your products on their social media pages. If you hold a competition, make sure that you ask your followers to repost it and tag their friends. The more people who see your contest, the better chance you have of building a loyal audience.

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Ask for Feedback

If you’re having difficulty improving sales or coming up with new products for your Etsy shop, why not ask for feedback from your followers? These are the people who consistently buy your products and respect your brand. Therefore, getting their opinion and taking it into account can help you grow your Etsy shop. You can do this by conducting a simple survey or questionnaire. However, be prepared for negative feedback or constructive criticism.

Etsy is home to over 34 million buyers from across the world. No matter what you want to sell, it’s important that the right people are aware and take notice of your products. To build traffic and boost sales, make sure that you use all the marketing strategies above.