eCommerce Software for Customer Base Management Automation

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By Boris Dzhingarov

Cold mailing — emailing a customer or prospect for the first time — can be an intimidating process because nobody wants their brand to look like it’s distributing spam. However, the fact remains that mass emailing campaigns can be effective, low-cost ways to reach a large audience quickly. If you’ve decided to give cold emailing a try as part of a diversified approach to advertising, check out the following four tips on how you can complement the usage of your eCommerce emailing software.

1. Use a Cold Email Campaign Management Software

The first step to increasing conversion rates in any promotional endeavor is to start with an organized approach. Keeping track of a busy emailing effort can be a hassle if you’re only using notes, spreadsheets, and other personally devised management methods. Using a cold email software is the best way to store and manage all data and planning related to email marketing.

2. Only Send Professionally Written and Well-Formatted Emails

In reality, the only difference between spam and a legitimate cold email campaign is that the latter involves sending out quality content while spam doesn’t quite meet the professional standard from a glance. We’ve all seen the spam emails that look like they were written by someone who barely speaks the language that the email was written in. Before you even think about starting a cold emailing campaign, ensure you have a way to produce or purchase high quality marketing material to distribute on a weekly or monthly basis.

3. Use Email Lists to Target More Receptive Readers

What good is sending out 1000 emails if not even one person who you’re contacting is interested in what you’re trying to promote? Compile or acquire targeted lists of email addresses using incentivized content, newsletter sign-ups, subscriber lists, and other friendly ways to establish contact with potential fans of your brand. If you don’t want to manually build lists, you can also purchase pre-compiled lists from advertising agencies.

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4. Provide an Incentive Near the Most Valuable Link

In every marketing or business email that contains multiple links, there is one hyperlink that can be defined as the most valuable out of the bunch. Before, after, or within the email’s most valuable link there should be a statement and/or graphic that introduces the reader to an incentive. This technique plays off of the fact that a percentage of readers will be impulsive enough to click if the proposition presented by the link or its surrounding content is convincing enough. A good way to pique the reader’s curiosity is to include an infographic containing advanced vectors and interesting statistics near the primary link.

Don’t Forget a Call to Action at the End

If a reader makes it all the way to the end of your email, that means your content has held their interest for an above average length of time. To capitalize on the opportunity of having a potentially motivated customer in front of you, it’s imperative to include a call to action in the conclusion of the email’s content.