6 Tips for Writing an About Us Page

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By Boris Dzhingarov

When running a business and creating a website for it, it can be all too easy to make the mistake of thinking that writing your About Us page is going to be the easiest part. However, unless you are a professional content writer, coming up with great content for this page is not always as easy as it might first seem. Bear in mind that just because it is your company and you are closest to the information that’s going to be presented on this page, that does not always mean that it’s going to be easy for you to convey it to your audience in a compelling way. So, before you get started with writing the About Us page for your website, keep the following tips in mind.

Consider Your Audience

Anything that you write on your About Us page should be tailored to your target audience. It can be all too easy to take this opportunity to brag about your company and how great it is – which is understandable, since you are proud of it – but if the information isn’t going to be something that your target audience will be interested in learning more about, there is no reason to include it. You might have a lot of information to share about your mission and values, for example, but it’s important to ensure that this is all organized in a way that ensures it provides what your audience is looking for. While you should certainly take the opportunity to tell your company history and story, bear in mind that if your audience is looking to find out more about who you are and what you do, this information should be presented first.

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Be Clear on What You Do and Who You Serve

The About Us page on a business website can serve a lot of purposes. However, most visitors will head to this page to find out more about what the business does and the type of customers that they serve. The best About Us pages will remind the visitor of why they visited the website in the first place and confirm to the visitor that this company is the best option for them. Clearly state what you offer and your mission in a section of your About Us page that is concise and to the point.

What Sets You Apart?

Once you have clarified what you do and who you serve to your audience, it’s time to go into more detail about what you do, and why it works. This can be where you talk about what sets you apart from the competition and provide reasons why visitors should consider your company over others. You can use this section to provide visitors with more information on what they can expect when working with you. One of the most important things here is to use language that your customers, rather than your peers, can relate to. Avoid using industry jargon, and speak in clear terms to explain your approach and its value.

Introduce Yourself

In this section, it’s a good idea to include a description of your company as a team. Tell your readers about your values as a company, any organizations that you are involved with, and about your company vibe. When your viewers have been introduced to your team as a whole, you can then get into introductions to the individuals that play a key part in your company. Include as many faces as possible here. When designing your About Us page, it’s worth adding photos of your team members and a little bit about them as individuals. Don’t just talk about the CEO and Vice President – bring in anybody who is crucial to making your business run on a day-to-day basis, to give your audience the best chance of meeting the people who make your brand possible.

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Tell Your Company Story

Once your visitors have had the chance to find out more about who you are, what you do, and the team that makes it all happen, it’s time to get into your company history and story. Leaving this section until later means that you can first grab the interest of your audience and build up their anticipation before getting there. Spend time to put across the story of how your business came to be in a compelling way. Use this section of the About Us page to expand on what your business does what is does, including how and when it got started, what inspired you to start the business, how and why you chose your company name, and the lessons you’ve learned and changes you have made since your business was first formed. Include some information that your customers will be able to relate to, such as describing the most rewarding things about running your business, the most challenging thing you face as a business owner, and what keeps you going every day.

Sum Up Your Story and Mission

As you get to the end of your About Us page, it’s time to think about how you are going to sum all of the information up with a purpose statement or tagline that drives your point home. Spend some time coming up with a sentence, phrase, or short paragraph that you’ll then put at the top where it can serve as an introduction to the About Us page that you’ve completed. The purpose of this statement is to give visitors to the page a general idea of who you are and what you do in a few words. It will clarify your company purpose and identity, along with providing a short and concise answer to anybody who heads to the About Us page and doesn’t want to read the entire story.

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Whether you’re building a website for your new business or are considering a re-vamp of your About Us page on your current business website, you can use these tips to create compelling, interesting content that your audience will enjoy, but more importantly, inspires them to choose your business.