Press Release Outreach

Press Release Outreach


If you want to be able to reach the pinnacle of success and popularity online, you’re going to need
the press on your side. The online press is global in nature, like the internet itself. It is, therefore,
even more important you communicate in the right way.

Clear Statements

When you are communicating with the press, it is important to remember a couple of things. First
and foremost, journalists are under no obligation to be nice to you. If the statements you release to
the press aren’t clear, if they leave room for the kind of ambiguity that will attract significant interest
to their media outlets, you can be sure that some journalists will be itching to use it against you.
In today’s fiercely competitive environment where rival businesses use some absurdly underhanded
tactics to undermine one another, clear communication is essential. All of us here have experience in
SEO, and in marketing our own ventures. We, therefore, have a good understanding of how to best
approach the press, and how to craft the kind of press releases that will help your SEO.

Individual Outreach

Crafting a general communication to be disseminated to a variety of media organisations requires a
very different approach to the more targeted messages you will want to send your key influencers.
Key influencers are the people whose endorsements will carry the most weight. In many cases,
winning these people over is enough to cause a significant uptick in interest in your business and,
therefore, an organic improvement in your SEO.

The more targeted your communications – in other words, the smaller the audience – the more

focused they need to be. A more personal message requires a more personal approach. It takes an
experienced copywriter to tread the line between selling to and connecting with, the reader.

Follow-up Communications

Many marketing campaigns will require multiple communications to be issued as the project
progresses. Each time that you issue a wave of communications, you should be seeking to ensure
that they include all the information you want to communicate, in a clear and concise way. Ensuring
that your press releases exhibit consistency in terms of both tone and quality is important in getting
journalists to pay attention to you. Naturally, they will prioritise the communications that they find
the most well written and enjoyable to read.

If you are preparing to launch a project or product and you have a message to communicate to the
press, our team of experienced copywriters can help you. We can write press releases for a range of
audiences, both general and technical, to deliver your message efficiently.