Social Media Marketing for B2B

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Social Media Marketing for B2B

When most people think about social media marketing, they often think about it in the context of B2C businesses. However, there are lots of B2B businesses that need social media marketing just as much as B2C businesses do. While B2B social media marketing is seen as boring by some, companies that do not take it seriously end up losing a lot. For businesses and business owners who want to get their businesses out there, here is how to use social media for social selling, customer services and, most importantly, B2B marketing.

Outline Your Business Goals

When formulating a strategy, you need to think about what your business objectives are and how social media marketing will help your business achieve these goals. You will need to know what your SMART goals are and have a clear understanding of what success will look like for you so you know when you achieve them. Also, know what you are going to be measuring so that tracking your progress becomes easier and so that you can make adjustments to achieve even more once your strategy has been running for some time.

Creating Brand Awareness

It is crucial that the world, as well as your potential clients, know who you are. There are so many people in the same space as you (your competitors) and this is why it is so easy for your voice to be lost on social media. Use social media to tell people who you are, why you are different from your competition as well as what you value in your business. Using bite-sized pieces of information on your social media platforms can help you tell the world all the above.

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Know Who Your Target Audience Are

All marketers should understand who their target audience are. They need to know who their ideal customer is so they can better understand their needs, interests, and social media habits. Because different buyer personas are attracted to different tactics and platforms, creating different buyer and audience personas can help businesses decide who to target and cater to. Every B2B social media marketing team should not only create content for their main buyer personas, but also for each category within these personas to maximize reach and ROI.

Choose the Right Platform(s)

While using as many social media platforms might work in B2C social media marketing, it is never a great approach when it comes to social media marketing for B2B businesses. It is always better to be where your customers are and where they are likely to engage with you.  If you are unsure where your target audience could be, you could run a poll or use results from polls run by others. Most polls generally list LinkedIn as the best platform for B2B businesses. This is followed by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you choose LinkedIn, you could integrate content marketing into your strategy just as almost all other B2B businesses do when they use the platform.

Educate Your Audience

B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing because buyers’ journeys for both are very different. While B2C customers might visit a website and buy what they need in an instant, B2B customers often do a lot of research and comparisons to ensure that the company is reliable and reputable and that the company’s products are right for the buyer’s customers.

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The best way to create credibility is through teaching your audience. SEMrush notes that B2B websites that create educational content receive over 50% more traffic than those that do not. Creating e-books, blog posts, reports, how-to videos, and other educational content can help your business stand out and should be at the center of your social media strategy.

Have a Content Calendar

Consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing and a content calendar helps you stay both consistent and organized. Many businesses choose to create a product story where they share a part of the information that they have on their social media platforms. This can create interest, especially when worded right, and can lead to more clicks, likes, and shares.

Businesses must also be willing to make changes to their content calendar. Experimenting with different days or even different posting times can help businesses find out what days and times work best for their audiences and different platforms.

Find Your Voice

B2B social media marketing can sometimes seem dull, especially for technical industries or industries that buyers are not exactly thrilled about. Terms like “software” and “finance” might not garner as much interest as other phrases, but they may be exactly what potential clients are looking for. Injecting some interest and enthusiasm into your social presence can be challenging. One tip that helps is refining your brand voice so you do not sound like a robot. A professional voice can be conversational so that it is not rigid or robotic. A conversational voice or tone in your social media posts can highlight the humans behind that messaging and make your business seem more approachable.

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Adapt Your Content to Friendly Formats

No one is interested in social media accounts that post lots of links without any content or context. To receive some buzz from your content, you could choose to turn blog posts into infographics. These allow you to convey the ideas on your website in a social-friendly format that people can click on, download or share. Another way to adapt your content is to post snippets of your videos or podcasts instead of linking them. You could use the most interesting parts of these types of content to get people to click. Lastly, make use of Twitter threads and longer posts if you decide to use Twitter. Threads and long-form posts are better than external links without context or explanation.

B2B social media marketing is very different from B2C social media marketing. However, there are some overlaps and a lot that can be adapted for B2B social media marketing. Finding your voice, knowing what you want out of your marketing efforts, measuring results, and making the necessary adjustments as well as choosing the platforms that would work best for your business are just a few of the things you can do for successful B2B social media marketing.