How to Design an Infographic as a Guest Post

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How to Design an Infographic as a Guest Post

Infographics have become an excellent way to get more exposure for your brand, put your business’ name out there, and showcase your skills for design and the necessary critical thinking that is required for producing something interesting and thought-provoking with the data to back it up. However, infographics will only go as far as you promote them. One ideal way to promote your infographic is through guest posting. However, there are some issues to keep in mind, including the problem of duplicate topics, with blog owners hesitant to allow anything that’s already been covered a lot in their guest blog slots. If you want to promote an infographic through guest posting, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Creating an Excellent Graphic:

Making a great graphic is the first step to any good infographic marketing plan. Make it as attractive as possible by working with a designer, having custom illustrations created, and turning it into something that will get people talking and they will want to share with others. Spend some time researching successful infographics to get a better idea of how they work and how the information flows through them. Try to achieve that important balance where it goes deeper than just presenting data in a chart, but not so deep that viewers are risking losing track of the information flow because too many points are covered without enough detail.

Deciding on an Infographic Topic:

Since infographics now cover thousands of different topics online, it’s important to spend some time doing keyword research and finding out which topics are trending in your niche before you decide on a final topic idea and start pitching it to publishers. It’s also a good idea to search for infographics in your niche to see what is already out there are and see if you can spot any gaps that you might be able to fill with your design. Pay attention to Pinterest shares since this is the social media platform where infographics are the most popular, and spend some time using Pinterest itself to check out trending infographics to get a better idea of what’s going to be popular.

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Choosing a Design Tool:

While there is the option to hire a professional designer to create your infographic for you, it’s worth considering the option of using one of the main design tools that are now available to create your own, especially if you are guest posting on a budget. There are several sites and apps that you can use to design your infographic, but the following are the most highly recommended:

·         Canva:

This design tool has become a huge hit with both businesses and individuals. It comes with several pre-designed, professional infographic templates that you can work with to create your infographic. You can easily change all elements of the template to suit your needs including the colours, graphics, fonts and more.

·         Venngage Infographics:

With just a few clicks, this tool can help you create interesting and professional-looking infographics for your guest posts. It offers over five hundred professionally designed templates for you to choose from and is seriously easy to use.

·         Piktochart:

The easy-to-use infographic creation feature allows you to create high-quality infographics even if you do not have any design skills. There are some decent templates available on the free plan that you can get started with, or upgrade to one of their paid plans to get access to even more premium infographic templates.

·         Fiverr:

Fiverr is a great choice if you’d rather outsource infographic design than do it yourself. Here you can find many designers who can put together an infographic for you regardless of your budget. You can find services for as little as $5 or pay more to get better quality.

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Finding Infographic Post Publishers:

Once you have come up with an idea and design for your infographic, it’s time to start compiling a list of potential publishers for your infographic guest post. It’s important to find a site that is relevant to your niche – posting on any old site probably won’t get the results that you need since the readers will not usually be looking for or expecting this kind of content.

Once you have come up with a list of potential publishers, it’s important to plan for the later steps, where you will be writing unique articles to accompany your infographic for each of the blogs that you post on. In order to keep the amount of work that you are doing down, you might want to consider cutting down your list of possible blogs to around five maximum, although you can do as many as you want. Bear in mind that you will need to create a unique article for each one.

Pitching and Publishing Your Content:

The reason that you should aim for publishing your infographic accompanied by unique articles on different blogs around the same time is that it will maximize the surge in traffic that occurs at a result. The more people that see your post, the better, but the more people that see it all at once, the higher chance your infographic will have at being shared and trending on social media and even going viral. Because of this, it’s important to pitch your infographic and article well before the publication date. Make sure that the people you are pitching to are aware that you have some specific requests and when you would like it to be published. Ideally, your content distribution should involve posting a post on your own blog with your infographic on one day, before getting the guest posts published over the next couple of days. This gives the most organic impression and stops you from losing the initial source value on your blog if the other sites publish the infographic first. On the other hand, if you wait too long after publishing on your own blog to publish the guest posts, the initial surge will have tapered off.

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Infographics are a fun, shareable way of adding more value to a guest post. Whatever data you want to share, keep these tips in mind for an infographic guest posting strategy that works.