How Podcast Creators Can Leverage Twitter

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How Podcast Creators Can Leverage Twitter

Are you a podcaster who is looking to take your passion to the next level? Do you have goals that you are hoping to reach in terms of your subscribers and reach, and you’re unsure of how you’ll hit those targets? Putting together a successful podcast is a multi-layered approach and takes a lot of effort, creativity and various techniques. However, one avenue you may not have considered is Twitter. Did you know that there are ways podcast creators can leverage Twitter to help you to build and expand on your success?

Brand Identity Needs to Be the Priority

While there are different ways to leverage your podcast on Twitter, the main priority should be brand identity. If this is something you’ve been struggling to determine, now is the time to get specific and figure out your brand. It needs to be clear who you are and what your podcast focuses on/discusses. Your brand identity needs to be consistent across any platform so that listeners always know what to expect.

Now it’s time to put your branding in words and add it to your Twitter bio. Many people find the 160-character maximum constraining but think of it as an opportunity to be concise. There’s no beating around the bush needed — simply lay it out straight when it comes to what the brand is about. Within your bio, it’s a good idea to identify the category/genre your podcast resides in such as beauty and makeup, health, exercise, lifestyle and so forth.

It can be tempting to add a link to your podcast but remember that will significantly eat away at your characters. Experts suggest making it a pinned Tweet instead. This means it will always appear at the top of your stream, yet you don’t have to use up the limited bio characters.

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Offer Up Sneak Peaks of Your Podcasts

Another way to leverage your podcast is to include sneak peeks. This can be audio clips, teasers, a highlight or even the topic. The idea is that you’re creating interest and hopefully generating buzz. Be picky about the sneak peeks and highlights you showcase, as they also need to appeal to a broad audience.

If there is a particular topic or question that feels newsworthy or trendy at the moment, this can be great to highlight. It can do a better job at attracting listeners that you may not otherwise reach.

To mix things up, you can also share “behind the scenes” audio and/or footage or even outtakes. This is the kind of content that can be especially interesting to followers, as it’s not always readily available. Top creators often shy away from sharing too much even though listeners show interest.

Engagement with Followers Is Essential

As a podcast creator, there’s no doubt you understand how important engagement with your audience is, and Twitter offers another way to do so. Make sure you’re not seeing Twitter as a one-way street wherein you post content and that’s it. Twitter is the perfect platform for responding to followers, engaging in conversation and showcasing your personality. It’s incredible what engagement can do for your podcast numbers.

Below are some tips to remember about engagement:

  • Try to respond promptly to comments and questions
  • Make it a habit to “like” and “retweet” comments
  • Post fresh content regularly
  • Show personality in your comments/responses
  • Steer away from arguments and negative situations, and keep things positive
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Tell Your Followers What You’re Listening To

The goal is to increase your podcast listener base, so you may be wondering why you’re telling people who you’re listening to. This can be a very effective technique, as it opens the door to a whole new group of listeners. They may see a familiar name on the list, perhaps a favorite creator or two, and then want to check you out. Their line of thinking can be that if you both share a passion for a particular creator, then maybe you’ll have a similar style and therefore they will enjoy your content.

Try to keep the list of who you’re listening to updated and fresh. As you discover new-to-you creators, make sure to share this information.

Podcast Events Can Get a Better Turn-Out

Podcast events are something that you may have your eye on as something you want to try. Live podcasts offer a certain excitement that pre-recorded shows can’t compete with. Some creators even choose to sell tickets to their live events, which can be a smart revenue stream. But for it to be a success, you need people to turn out. You can advertise/market it on Twitter and help to create more buzz.

Is Twitter Adding Podcasts to Its Platform?

We can’t discuss how you can leverage your podcast on Twitter without acknowledging the recent announcement and launch at Twitter. The platform has gone ahead and officially added podcasts on the Spaces tab, which can be viewed on mobile devices.

While this may seem like an exciting announcement for creators, some are pushing back, claiming it can hurt them in terms of discoverability. The way it works is that Twitter will suggest podcasts for users to listen to. The suggestions are based on the content they already consume, which can make it hard for other creators to break into the mix and be discovered.

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On the flip side, adding podcasts to the Spaces tab can help those who have never listened to one before discover what they are all about. In other words, it can grow the audience of podcast consumers.

This launch will be an intriguing one to watch as it plays out, as the big question of who it will benefit the most are left to be answered.

It’s Time to Discover What Twitter Can Do for Your Podcast

So, if you’re ready to take your podcast to the next level of success and want to reach a big and more diverse audience, then it’s time to look into what Twitter has to offer. Leveraging the many tools and features on Twitter means you’ll be giving listeners yet another way to discover your podcast and even engage with you.