Are AI Content Generators Worth Using?

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Are AI Content Generators Worth Using?

No matter how Artificial Intelligence advances over time, there will always be some distrust when it comes to creating content that is engaging and unique. With that said, there are advantages and disadvantages when using AI to generate content, which begs the question as to whether or not it is worth using. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and can you rely on accurate, unique content? Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as simple as that.

All AI Content Generators Are Not Created Equal

If every app was unique, there would be no competition. There would be one of everything so you would never know that there are better ways of doing things. This can be said of literally every tool you will ever use. It is important to understand that there are a plethora of AI content generators out there, so it may take some time comparing their features side by side to see if the platform you are considering is perhaps not as good as some of the others on your list.

Take the time to read some reviews. Check out a good mix of professional reviews that were compensated and those from users commenting on what they liked, disliked, loved, and hated. While you are likely to get the best technical overview of an AI content generator from a professional review site, you might expect that comments and reviews submitted by users would be a little more honest. This is not to say that every professional review would be riddled with exaggerations and falsehoods, but they are, after all, getting paid to review that product. This might help them to focus on the positive aspects of a product, even if subconsciously.  

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SEO and Data Analytics

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of an AI content generator. Think about all the hours you labored over keyword tools to help you find the terms with the least competition when looking for search words and phrases to use in your content. AI may be ‘artificial’ but it is infinitely faster than the human brain can work!

This is one of the reasons why SEO specialists are beginning to use AI in their own searches and analytics in finding the best terms with just the right amount of competition. However, the difference here is that this may be one of the beginning steps within the program that will eventually pick and choose those keywords to use within the content they generate. It can be a seamless process running in the background as one part of the program is crawling the web for similar content to use as an outline of sorts.

Be Prepared for an Adventure in Grammar

Those who have used AI content generators advise you to be prepared for an adventure in grammar. While the information may be factual or a version of fact based on their use of the language, some very strange expressions, and misinterpreted idioms can be found. This brings to mind one of the earliest computers programmed to translate English to Russian and Russian to English. Some terms simply have no exact translation.

The phrase fed to that early computer was taken from the Bible. It read, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” It came back translated as, “The wine is good, but the meat is spoiled.” This is just an example to show the importance of paying attention to grammar as you read and reread the content generated by Artificial Intelligence. Always check AI text for grammatical errors, you can do this with free online grammar checkers.

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Don’t Expect Content to Be Factual

Another thing many reviewers have noted is that the content isn’t always as factual as you would like it to be. In fact, they have found many errors, probably based on the content it scanned when seeking to create original content. Bear in mind that you may be an ethical author when it comes to citing facts, but AI probably doesn’t have the concept of ‘ethics’ learned just yet.

A Word on Preventing Plagiarism

You will also need to be extremely careful that your AI content generator didn’t ‘steal’ content literally verbatim. There are various tools on the internet you could try for free or subscribe to now that you are putting your creative genius in the ‘hands’ of technology. Online tools like CopyScape come to mind, so don’t forget to compare what your program wrote against published content on the Web prior to publishing yours. Remember that Google algorithms check for plagiarism, and not only will you get penalized, but your content might also be totally ignored going forward. If you want to rank highly in the Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs, then your content must appear to be original.

Are Content Generators Cost Effective?

This leads us to the last important question for the time being. If you compare the number of human hours that would be necessary to do everything from research to writing to editing and checking for such things as grammatical mistakes and plagiarism, perhaps the speed of the technology inherent in Artificial Intelligence can offer a few advantages you could use. Digital speed is something you can’t compete with, but the nuance of language is something AI can’t compete with yet either. So, are AI content generators cost-effective? That would depend on how they are used.

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If you depend solely on the finished product as generated by the software, then they are probably not cost effective right now. The mistakes and errors in facts and grammar could cost you more than paying a marketing team of data analysts and content creators. If you face the possibility of being penalized by Google and your content ignored going forward, what good would a reduction in labor costs do you in the long term? The best answer to the original question is that at this point in time, AI content generators are worth using if you don’t rely on them without checking facts, grammar, and that all-important way in which humans can inject personality to engage the reader. As a tool, they are worth it. As an all-in-one product? Not currently.