9 Reasons to Add Images and Other Visuals to Content

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9 Reasons to Add Images and Other Visuals to Content

One of the most impactful ways to engage a potential customer is through captivating their visual interest. If you infuse content with memorable images, videos and eye-catching graphics, the simple fact is that people will remember and be more likely to stay tuned in to what you are trying to deliver. There are lots of reasons to support this truth, and this guide covers the most important ones.

Visuals Have a Rapid Effect

The impact of a great visual situated in plain sight is that it captures attention around 6000x faster than written text. Such a rapid effect will only work to your benefit because it brings people closer to the message and makes them engage with the information as a whole. The knock-on effect of this, of course, is that it means people also tune-in more authentically to the content on display because they are better able to access the message.

Content Becomes More Accessible

This means, more than anything else, that content becomes that bit more accessible. Not only do people feel compelled to keep on reading if they have fun things to keep the focus on track, but they also understand the memo more easily. These visual aids lead to deeper understanding, which essentially means, instead of somebody scouring the text and taking on board 50%, they will absorb 80-90% if their capacity to focus is nurtured. This is what images and other visuals provide.

They Create Authentic Leads

Authentic leads are essential for longevity and viable sales. Images, infographics, videos, music, anything at all in this category, are far easier to comprehend and remember than just paragraph upon paragraph of text. Therefore, the B2C engagement has a better authenticity about it because people take on board the associations and it influences how they seize the prospect in front of them.

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It’s Cross-Referenceable

Another amazing thing about visual aids within content pieces is that they can be repurposed across the wider scope of a marketing campaign. What you put in one piece can be shifted and evolved within another branch of the strategy, creating consistency and a bigger impact throughout the ripples of the organizational focus regarding client acquisition and retention. This means that the appeal is broadened, and outcomes are better across a broader range of content. Thus, creating a significant impact in a widespread way. 

Modern Users Love Reel-Style Video Content

85% of internet users watch videos online. What this statistic means for modern businesses is that there are clear advantages to jumping on this and integrating this style of media into their content. Users already love it, so why not lean into that metric? It makes sense to deliver something that people engage with freely, and thankfully videos and reels are easy to create, edit and upload for any style of website or social media platform. Modern generations require modern lines of thinking; after all, in order to reach into this new demographic, there has to be new waves of thought that represent this market.

Professional Design Boosts Reputation

The way your content looks on the screen is important. If the design is not professional, people will remember that. However, if the media, graphics, and everything in between appear well-thought out, people are more likely to stick around to see what the conclusion will be, and even have peaked curiosity about what comes next. It is only natural for customers to want reassurance regarding the reputation of the company they are considering spending money with, and it is the job of the business to exude reliability through a holistic, professional strategy in all areas. 

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There Is More Scope for Meaningful Connection

At the heart of customer retention is the way a business tries to connect to and with them. If this is successful, everything else falls into place rapidly. Meaningful relationships drive strong business outputs, and it is a wonderful thing to strive for. If a company manages to navigate the beginning of the relationship with due care and attention, there is a greater chance that a customer will not only complete a purchase, but that they will also come back for more.

Finding ways to encourage loyalty is one of the most difficult challenges any business faces, especially in the world of fierce competition and innovative solutions left right and center. There is always someone ahead of the curve doing something better, so it is imperative to be that thing for your customers. Including images, relevant media and more into content is the key to this happening faster.

They Are Great for Short Attention Spans

What is one of the main barriers to impactful content? People with short attention spans! While attention spans have generally depleted in the last few decades owing to quick-fire content, social media, and a fast-paced uptake in daily existence, there are ways to get around this. Visuals have proven extremely effective in this context because something nice to look at keeps the mind focused. The science is simple, and it makes perfect sense too. If there are things to re-focus on throughout the content, regardless of why the content is there in the first place, people (even those with the shortest of attention capacity), will be more inclined to stay on task.

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Visuals Are Harder to Forget

Finally, don’t you want to make something that people won’t forget? The answer is always going to be yes, and that is exactly what this style of movement will provide. For all the points listed above and more, a business that ticks the boxes that work is one that measures up and stands out in the crowd. The things being putting out there, whether that is an informational, product write-ups, whitepapers, or anything else in this category, will simply stay in the mind longer and retain a higher level of relevancy for much longer.

So, there you have it. The addition of images and other visuals to content is undoubtedly impactful in the best kinds of ways. Aside from giving people something memorable to look at, they create a bigger picture that alludes to the future of this relationship and what a business wants to do for their clients.