How to Identify Quality Sites for a Link Building Strategy

In the last few years, link building has become more sophisticated and detail-oriented. This is because there is an increased risk of picking up a Google penalty due to low-quality links. Because of the inherent risks, anyone running a link building campaign must ensure that backlinks are obtained from quality sites that won’t raise any … Read more

UX Research Tools

There are many ways to conduct user research, and there are numerous UX research tools available. We’ll look at customer engagement software, survey creation tools, and usability testing methods, as well as the tools needed to conduct these studies. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll need to choose the right one … Read more

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the practice of promoting a product or service. It also involves generating leads and developing brand identity. Marketing campaigns used to be composed of mail or word-of-mouth initiatives, billboards, television commercials and telemarketing calls. However, with the rise of digital media has revolutionized customer communication between businesses and their clients. It is the … Read more

Best Practices for Facebook Lead Generation

Many business owners and marketers feel that they are lacking the resources or time that they need to perform lead generation that repetitively converts visitors to customers. Thanks to Facebook Lead Ads, businesses are now able to ensure that they provide an effortless, seamless lead generation process via social media for both their business and … Read more

How to Leverage Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are a relatively new feature of the platform that hasn’t seen enough use across companies so far. Which is a shame, because it brings a lot to the table for businesses that leverage it correctly, and it’s a great opportunity to expand your social media presence in a productive direction. Guides are not … Read more