10 Types of Content That Are Guaranteed to Boost Clicks and Links

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10 Types of Content That Are Guaranteed to Boost Clicks and Links

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you are creating as part of your internet presence since you will want/need your content to receive some internet traffic. All businesses would like more customers and one of the best ways to get more customers is to attract them via the internet.

Therefore, if you are a business then it is essential that you modernize to keep up to speed with the ways that the business and the digital world has merged. The need for internet attention (such as clicks and links to your website) has led to increased use of search engine platforms and we can find pretty much anything we want at just the click of a button.

While internet traffic does not boost your rating on search engine result listings, it can be essential when trying to promote a business or create a brand.  Often, online influencers will only receive funding from established brands if they are shown to receive a lot of internet traffic. In terms of social media, this can include the number of likes you get on a post or whether you get high levels of interaction.

Knowing which types of content will help to boost engagement with your business/brand online can be essential if you are unsure what direction you should go with your digital presence. To give you an idea, here are 10 types of content that are guaranteed to boost clicks and licks.

Use Infographics

Infographics are the modern way to present information. This method provides a visual way to present information to customers. Infographics receive more views, shares, and are preferred by consumers. They are an effective way to gain internet traffic while promoting an idea or message. Studies have found that infographics are liked and shared approximately three times more than any other form of content. But make sure that somewhere on the graphic you put your business name or logo on it.

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Meme It Up

A meme is familiarly known as a virally-transmitted cultural symbol that is mostly found on social media. Most memes have some element of humor, which is one of the reasons why they became so popular. Memes are easy to make and don’t require graphics skills. You can easily create your own memes based on popular images. You can tailor these to fit your message, business, or idea.


People find themselves lost in online videos for hours at a time and the popularity of videos can be attributed to the rise of video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Videos are a good way to communicate a message or promote a business. A video is a persuasive piece of content and can be a great way to give an office tour of your business or show a special offer you are trying to promote. You can use them to promote any type of information, from laser printer prices to how to replace car tires.

Only Share the Best Content

It is important that you engage in other content on the internet. Not only does this show viewers that you are an active social media page or website, but it also brings you more internet traffic. However, you should ensure that you only share the best sort of content on your page. If you are a local firm then think about sharing local news articles, as that will further generate more clicks and links.

Opinion Posts

Opinion posts (otherwise known as online rants) can be a successful way to boost the number of clicks and links you get for your internet presence with or without free YouTube subscribers. An opinion post can offer you the opportunity to be expressive, but also write content that will grab extra attention. The stronger the content of your opinion posts, the more attention they will receive. And don’t forget more attention = more clicks and links.

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Do Reviews

Reviews are also a good way to generate traffic and boost clicks and links for your website/social media. Many people go online in search of product or services reviews before they go ahead with a purchase, so by producing content that offers reviews, you are likely to receive more clicks. You can also combine this form of content with videos, so you can offer a visual review as well.

How-To Articles

With how-to articles, you can tailor your content to whatever your business or service provides. This can be a great way to expose what you are trying to sell while generating those extra clicks and links. How-to questions are common search engine queries, so can be of interest to many different internet users. You can make your how-to articles industry-specific so that they fit in with the rest of your internet content.


Lists are a very popular way to promote information. Their popularity makes it no surprise that they are used on the front page of many magazines. Titles such as “5 Reasons You Need to Hire A Digital Marketer” are common industry related list-type content. And for proof that these sorts of articles gain extra clicks and attention, you are reading one right now!

 Make Sure You Stand Out

There is so much information and content on the internet that a lot of it can overlap, so it can be difficult to make sure that you stand out. However, this is essential if you want to guarantee extra clicks and links. By genuinely gaining the interest of your audience, you can convey more information.

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Create A Podcast

Podcasts have been around for some time, but they have recently increased in popularity. They are a great form of content and a useful way to get your message across to your audience. Many people listen to podcasts during their commutes or during exercise. A podcast is easy to create and can be a great way to show off the range of products or services your business can provide. You can then further promote the podcast by advertising it is using other forms of content such as infographics!

This list of types of content you should consider creating to boost your internet audience is not exhaustive, but they are great ways to help increase your clicks and links. If you make the content relevant to your audience and try to do something different with what you are creating you, you will successfully speak to your audience.